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2013 Budget Showdown – Why we need to shut the government down

the-u_s_capitol-dome-91I hear all over the internet from different Republicans why shutting the government down at the end of this month would be a bad thing.  The biggest reason stated by most critics of this strategy is that all the blame would go to the Republicans.

Whether the blame for the shutdown would go to the Republicans or not is irrelevant.  Doing what is right sometimes requires bravery and going against the polls.  President Reagan went against the polls many times, George W. Bush did as well.

The Republicans need to reframe this argument – it must be clearly understood that it would be President Obama and the Democrats who would be shutting down the government.  President Obama remarked today that some elements of the Republican party would shut down the government because they don’t get 100% of what they want.

Does anyone think that crossing off one item(Obama care) from a massive 3.7 trillion budget is getting 100% of what Conservatives want?  Believe me Mr. President, we Conservatives would like to a cut a lot more than that.  This is what we will compromise on or settle for.

President Obama said this right now speaking of the Tea Party conservatives leading this fight:

I can’t remember a time when one faction of one party promises chaos if it  can’t get 100 percent of what it wants… that’s what happening right now,”


May I remind the President and his liberal minions that their party back in 1990 did something very similar to George H. W. Bush?  In fact his caving into them probably cost him the 1992 election to Bill Clinton with the rise of Ross Perot.
In 1990 a huge budget battle took place between Republicans and Democrats over spending cuts verses tax increases(the usual fight).  The Democrats were insistent about getting their tax increases in and even allowed the government to be shutdown in order to do it.  President Bush eventually caved and gave in to their tax increases and thus sealed his own political fate.

So it was a win-win for the democrats, they got their tax increase and they massively wounded the Republican President with his own base.

Again today President Obama spewed his tired old adage how he thinks we can fix the economy and get things moving again:

“The first order of business is to pass a sensible budget that replaces the  sequester… [and] funds the investments in basic research and infrastructure that  we need to grow”

The fix for the nation’s economy, he said, includes a tax increase. “It  is the only way to do it,”


Ok so translated –  he is saying if the public sector(the government) takes away more from the private sector(businesses and consumers) and then the government takes that money and spends it the private economy will get better.  This is the classic liberal Keynesian economic theory that big government makes for a good economy.  Too bad it didn’t work for FDR(who actually prolonged the depression following this thinking) and it has never worked.  The American economy has flourished in spite of Keynesian meddling, never because of it.

So today some 23 years later we have a similar battle going on, except this time it is between a Democratic President and a Republican House of Representatives.  There are some differences though.  President Obama is not up for reelection, so he has only his pride and legacy driving him.  Also he has already granted all kinds of delays and waivers to his base because the implantation of Obama care has been so riddled with issues so far.  Even his Union buddies are scared of it.

This is why I argue the Republican must continue this fight and allow Obama and the Democrats to shut down the government over their failed program – Obamacare.  It may take a week, it make take several weeks, but eventually Obama will cave.

I predict that even if he does not cave, he will do something with Obamacare to appease Conservatives.  He can just issue another one of his unconstitutional waivers, except this time give one to the entire country for the next two years.  I think if we play our cards right we can take down Obamacare, but it won’t be in one battle, it will be a death by a thousand cuts.

I urge all my conservative friends or like minded Americans to go to http://www.dontfundobamacare.com/ and sign the petition telling your representatives you want them to take a stand and fight for what is right.


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